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Lent Bumps Diary 2013 – Day 3

Day 3 saw a return to action for the heavyweights, joining M2 in displaying their prowess on a sun soaked Thursday afternoon in the second greatest place on Earth (behind the North-West, obviously). M2 were so eager to get on with the day that they resisted all urges to stride after their practice starts and […]

Lent Bumps Diary 2013 – Day 2

No news from M1 today as they had a day in bed (team bonding taken to a new level), but we do have another report from the poet-laureate, Mr T Duggins: M2 Bumps Report – Day 2: ‘Marco Redeemed’ or ‘How Marco Got His Pole Back’   The winds were lovesick with them; the oars […]

Lent Bumps Diary 2013 – Day 1 (part 2)

For the rest of the week we will be having guest entries from the self-proclaimed “laureated poetic legislator of our aqueous community”, Mr Tom Duggins. Here are his thoughts on Day 1: M2 Bumps Report – Day 1   This theme calls me in sleep night after night, and ev’ry morn Awakes me at sunrise; […]

Lent Bumps Diary 2013 – Day 1

Rowing the bumps course is a very long way. This is what people from lesser, more pathetic boat clubs will tell you. They are wrong. Today the Maroon Pelicans decided that they wanted value for money from their trip down the river, none of this quick bump business for them. M2, the majority of whom […]

Lent Bumps Diary 2013 – Day 0

Over the course of Lent Term 2013 Corpus has entered races with the traditional level of Corpuscular success at this time of year, but your diarist has been feeling too busy to bring you full reports from each event. Apologies. However, in the same manner of a bear waking up from hibernation and leaving his/her […]

The Coarpus – Vol 1 Issue 2

The club’s report on Easter Term 2012 can be found here: Coarpus Vol 1 Issue 2 If you have any feedback about anything buy cialis online to with The 1828 Club or would like to put an article into The Coarpus, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with the committee. The webmaster […]

Cambridge 99′s Regatta – May 2012

After setting the water alight with the raw speed of the Corpus M1 and M2, CCCBC came out in force to enjoy a spot of side-by-side racing in Cambridge 99′s Spring Regatta. Corpus W1 joined the top two men’s crews for their first race of the season and a new look boat in the shape […]

Champs Head – May 2012

The Corpus senior men graced the river with their presence to take on the challenge of Champs Head. Allow the gentle words of our guest reporters to soothe your eyes. First up, stroke man of M2, Mr Stephen Hogg: Corpus M2 went into the Champs Eights Head race with a slightly different and less experienced […]

Old Member’s Day 2012 & The 1828 Club Launch

Dear Old Member, The Committee warmly invites you and your guest to join us from Saturday 16th June to Sunday 17th June 2012 for the May Bumps and this year’s Old Members’ Event. On Saturday 16th June Old Members and current students will congregate along the banks of the river to watch the final day […]

Lent Bumps Diary 2012 – Day 5

Did someone say Bumps? For that is exactly what happened today. There were two bumps involving Corpus crews, one good, one not so good. The first race of the day featured the mighty 2nd VIII, who had heroically rowed over in front of a vastly more experienced Girton crew for the preceding two days of […]


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