Day two continues and more exciting stuff for Corpus Christi Boat Club with some good performances by numerous boats. The crews were treated to brilliant, if somewhat overpowering, sunshine today. The pasty white folk amongst us required industrial quantities of sun cream. The day started slightly poorly with Corpus M3 putting up all the resistance […]

And so the May bumps begin; the pain, the blisters, the months of early outings and ergo training (or from the perspective of a cox, the luxury of being taken on sedan chair for a river tour twice a week) finally becomes worth it. Corpus’ bumping season got off to a bit of a anti-climatic […]

It’s been a good week for Corpus. Here’s a quick round up of the final day action. First and foremost, M3 got blades! No time wasted, they’d secured their bump before first post corner, with yet another incredible start, sealing their +4 rating, earning the right to toss a reluctant Sheenagh into the river, and […]

“I am ridiculously proud to be able to say that I coxed M2 today.” – Aneesh Shukla, cox The gods were not on M2’s side today. Wolfson M2, the crew who impeded us so badly on day one, were in front of us. Unfortunately we were not to get any revenge as they were chasing […]

Day the third of May Bumps 2014 has to have been one of the most pleasing for our club in recent history, with all crews really contributing something incredible to the day’s outstanding nature. M3 were able to maintain their momentum once again. A quick start, one of the best of the week, and M3 were […]

A fresh start, and gorgeous sunshine brought a fresh wave of optimism among the men and women of Corpus Boat Club, dropping the heavy baggage of mixed feelings at the first day’s occurrences. Once more, the day was scheduled to begin with M3, due to race at 14:30. That didn’t happen… An all-too-familiar delay impaired […]

Heading into these May Bumps with such momentum, expectations for all crews were high on day 1. But, such is Bumps, joy came hand in hand with frustration as the Rowing Gods looked more favourably on some crews than others… Kicking things off were M3. “What a pleasure it is to have a third men’s […]