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Easter Term 2014: The Road to Bumps

After a muffled end to Lent Term, with our intentions of having both top boats racing in their respective head races dashed by inclement conditions, the CCCBC Express was looking to pick up some momentum again for its grand finalé. Look no further, our crews are in rude health, and in serious danger of causing […]

Lent Bumps Diary 2014 – Day 5: A Belated Account

As another Lent Bumps campaign drew to a close, we’d done such a good job that I forgot to write about the final day, caught up in our wild celebrations. M2 got bumped. Again. But drawing positives, having started +9 on their position last year, they still find themselves +5 compared to last year. It’ll […]

Lent Bumps Diary 2014 – Day 4: Bumping Past Halfway

A rainy day on the river couldn’t dampen the momentum of our top boats, who both continued their rampages up their respective divisions. Returning from their rest day, M2 were out for revenge, hoping to bounce back from their newly acquired status as sandwich boat. The CamFM commentator was adamant that they looked strong from […]

Lent Bumps Diary 2014 – M2 Day 2

Embedded reporter Mr Tom Duggins Esq. was given plenty of material on Day 2 and hopefully on Day 3 we’ll be giving him 2 races worth of material… Here’s his latest race report: “…for tho’ eclipses of thought are to me a living inhumement and equal to the dread throes of suffocation, turning the valley […]

Lent Bumps Diary 2014 – Day 1: The Best of The Rest

The Corpus campaign got off to a mixed start this Lents, with an overall score of +0 from day 1. M2, with their now traditional truculent troll at the helm, started the day, jostling for a higher position after promotion to M3. The view from the cox’s seat (disputed from all other credible and non-credible […]

Lent Bumps Diary 2014 – M2 Day 1

M2 have convinced their literary powerhouse of 2k13 (Mr Tom Duggins Esq.) to return as an embedded reporter and timekeeper for Lents this year. Here is his first post from the front line: M2 Lent Bumps Report: Day One “I’ve walked over much of it on a daily basis. Taken thousands of photographs, kept an […]

Emma Sprints 2013

Corpus made a promising start to the novice race season, with all crews putting on exciting displays against some tough competition. Kicking off, NM2, dressed in t-shirts and ties, attempted to beast it down the reach at an impressively high rate – a little higher than they’d practised! Unfortunately, this didn’t quite pay off, and […]